Sustainable lifestyle, sustainable bottom line, sustainable production, sustainable fashion, sustainable ….

The term sustainability appears in many different contexts but what does it actually mean? In quite simple terms, sustainability is about how we can look after our earth so that it is not damaged by the way we live and consume. Sustainability is about passing on the earth to the next generation in a good condition. Sustainability is about all the things we do every day,. It’s about all the choices we make and how they affect and impact our earth – everything leaves behind a footprint. Footprints and impacts that will have huge significance long into the future.

Sustainable Development Goals
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 concrete goals and 169 sub-goals which make up a common plan for how to create sustainable development in the world. They deal with social, economic and environmental sustainability. Sustainable development requires the world to work together and for each of us to do our bit every day – thinking about pollution, food waste, sorting our rubbish, recycling, which means of transport we use etc.

ASTRUP Group A/S and Sustainability

ASTRUP Group A/S takes its responsibility for helping to look after the earth seriously. We do not want the earth to suffer from the way we live and conduct our business on it. We want to create the best possible conditions for people and the environment – both now and in the future. We know that every choice we make has consequences for future generations.
At ASTRUP Group A/S, we have already implemented a number of different initiatives, with even more in the pipeline. We want to take the lead in sustainability as a toy manufacturer. For our children’s sake!

Some of the ways we do this:
1.We want to avoid impacting the environment and the earth when we produce our toys. We do not want to deplete the earth of its natural resources without making sure there are resources for generations to come. We want to look after both nature and people. It’s the reason we chose to become an FSC®-certified company, for example. FSC® is a non-profit organisation that ensures that the planet’s forests are not subject to over logging. FSC® makes sure that we only cut down as many trees as the forest itself reproduces, taking care of plant and animal life in the forest at the same time. That’s why as far as possible we only use FSC®-certified timber to produce our wooden toys.

2.We want to encourage consumers to abandon “buy it and chuck it” culture. Specifically, we do this by first and foremost designing and producing toys that last. Each toy is built to last, using good raw materials. We encourage users not to throw away the toys once their children have outgrown them or lost interest in them – most toys can be used for generations to come so we encourage people to pass them on to others, sell them or keep them for the next generation. ASTRUP Group A/S has therefore designed a pictogram with the text “HAND-ME-OVER” and printed it on all our products wherever possible. Our hope is that this way we can help consumers remember NOT to throw away their toys if they are still in a good, safe condition.

3.We reuse packaging to a large extent. Cardboard boxes which we receive from various product suppliers are reused as far as possible when we send out our products to customers. Which is why the text printed on the boxes may not match what’s inside.

4.We are attempting to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and are instead recycling as much as possible. The waste we do produce is sorted and dropped off at our local recycling centre.

5.Instead of incinerating overstock, we donate any excess toys to nurseries, charities etc.

6.We are attempting to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Toys can no longer be packaged in plastic in boxes when we receive them from our suppliers and our goal is only to use paper/cardboard as packaging filler for deliveries to our customers by the end of 2023.