Who Is MAMAMEMO®? MAMAMEMO® is one of the 2 toy brands operated by ASTRUP Group A/S. We are passionate about developmental, fun, colourful toys, the purpose of which is to delight and benefit all children.
Danish designed, MAMAMEMO toys are high quality toys for both girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 8. Most people are familiar with MAMAMEMO from our wooden toy kitchens and play food. Over the years, these products have been a huge success, but we also make wooden tools and workbenches for children. We design garden games, skipping ropes, insect boxes, flower presses etc. for play and creative outdoor activities. For playing with dolls, we design a lot of adorable doll clothes and accessories, doll carrycots, care bags, doll prams, doll buggies and lots more besides.
When you choose a MAMAMEMO product, you are guaranteed a toy with a high level of play value. You can also be sure that we have not compromised on quality and safety.

What does the name ‘MAMAMEMO’ mean?
Family means everything to us. The name MAMAMEMO highlights this. MAMAMEMO is an acronym formed from the first 2 letters of each of our children’s names:  Marie, Mads, Mette and Morten

In 1997, we bought a small company by the name of ‘AM Konfektion’ from an elderly couple in Vinderup, a small town in the north of Denmark. The company designed and made doll clothes and a variety of duvet/pillow sets – also for dolls.  Everything was sewn by local seamstresses at home and sold to toy shops – mainly in Denmark.
After acquiring the company, we moved it to our home address in Tarm, where everything took place in the early years – everything from designing doll clothes and packing to sending orders etc. to our customers. By then we also had home seamstresses in our own community.
The company grew, we employed our first staff and space became too tight, so we moved into a rented premises in Tarm. Gradually, our customer base and product range were expanded, and our workforce totalled 7 employees. Our doll clothes were no longer made by our own seamstresses, but in modern factories abroad, and we also began designing wooden toys. Given that, by now, the range had expanded beyond the original concept, we changed the name from ‘AM Konfektion’ to ‘AM Leg’.  In 2018, we changed the name again. We were now ASTRUP Group A/S. Because, yet again, both office and storage capacity had become too restricted, we moved to larger premises in Skjern, where we are still based today.
The first wooden toys we designed and manufactured ourselves consisted of play food. Sales exceeded all expectations. Customers loved the products and requested more. We decided that all the wooden toys we designed ourselves should have their own brand name and, because our children had always been the best and most critical toy testers, it was obvious to name the brand after them. So, we put together the first 2 letters of each of our children’s names – Marie, Mads, Mette and Morten – and the result was MAMAMEMO.
Since then, the MAMAMEMO brand has become big and familiar to virtually all families in Denmark with children. We sell our products to toy shops, baby shops, concept shops etc. in both Denmark and abroad.

MAMAMEMO Takes Play Seriously.
Children do not play to learn, but they do learn when they play. Play is important for children’s development, and children play differently at different ages.
-From infancy until the age of 2, sensory and functional games are the most common. Children explore their own bodies and investigate what different things can do.
-When children reach kindergarten age, construction and role-playing games are the most common. In construction games, children stack, build and create using different materials such as blocks, sand, clay etc. In role play – also known as ‘let’s pretend’ – as the name suggests, children assume different roles. They imagine they are another person or maybe an animal. They can play ‘Mother-Father-Child’ where they can assume the role of mother, father, baby or pet dog. Alternatively they can pretend to be a character from a fairy tale or the like.
-Later, when children go to school, games with rules are the most common. Familiar games with rules include tag, various ball games and board games.
In MAMAMEMO, we decided to concentrate mainly on role play, creating toys that support this kind of play. We believe that role play is incredibly important for children, since it contributes to their cognitive, social and linguistic development. Role play encourages them to understand the world around them and to make sense of their own existence in the world.
Every role a child assumes has its own set of values – a certain strength and skill. When playing, children can be sweet, stupid, evil, weak, angry etc. Children copy the roles and patterns they witness in everyday life, and each role in a game helps process the children’s experiences and develop their skills.

Support Your Children’s Role Play with MAMAMEMO Toys
If you, as a mother or father, would like to help your children with their role play, a MAMAMEMO toy is an excellent choice. We have everything to make role play fun and exciting:
-Play Kitchens, Play Food, Tableware/Coffee ware, Kitchen Machines and Kitchen Utensils
MAMAMEMO play kitchens and play food have been really popular with many families with children for years. We always strive to ensure that the products are realistic, so that children can recognise items from their everyday lives. Meanwhile, the toys are of such high quality that children can play with them every single day. When it comes to play food, we have just about everything the heart could desire. We have virtually every kind of fruit and vegetable, and children can fill their fridge or freezer with milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream – you name it.
We have cakes on beautiful plates, and we have bread and cold cuts to put on top of it. If you fancy tapas, a festive dessert or just a little snack, we have no end of variety – even if you prefer vegan food.
After the children have prepared a wonderful dinner in the play kitchen or used one of the many different MAMAMEMO kitchen machines to mix a cake, it is time to get out the MAMAMEMO table- or coffee ware. Both sets are indispensable when it comes to serving the food.  
-Workbench and Tools
Is there a budding carpenter in your home who would like to help out with minor and major repairs? Then take a look at our MAMAMEMO workbench and the huge selection of MAMAMEMO tools. We have hammers, saws, screwdrivers, goniometers, drills with replaceable bits for the young tradesman or woman – in fact, nearly every kind of toy tool.
-Dolls, Doll Accessories, Doll Prams, Wash Towers and much more besides.
The MAMAMEMO doll universe features everything from dolls, doll clothes and accessories to a wonderful variety of buggies and doll prams. The range even features doll bicycle seats and doll bicycle helmets.
There are 2 different sizes of doll for both girls and boys, and all the dolls have a soft body, making them suitable even for the youngest of children.
The doll clothes come in 4 different sizes. The designs and colours of the clothes vary from season to season, depending on fashion and demand. All MAMAMEMO doll clothes are made of excellent fabric, and the seams are durable. That means your child can dress and undress their doll over and over again, and the clothes can be washed.
Doll accessories include baby bottles and eating sets, doll nappies, doll carrycots, changing bags, carrying slings, and duvets and pillowcases in various patterns and colours.
Children love copying what their mum and dad do and have probably seen you washing, drying and ironing clothes. Let your child play at washing and drying their doll clothes in the MAMAMEMO washing tower, before ironing them on our ironing board.
Once the laundry has been done, the doll’s mum or dad can put their doll in a MAMAMEMO doll pram or buggy and go for a relaxing walk outdoors – or maybe fasten on their bicycle helmet and go for a bike ride.
MAMAMEMO Wooden Toys
MAMAMEMO wooden toys can withstand constant use, because we only use the very best wood to make them. The durability is excellent and the wooden toys have such a long service life that they can easily be passed down from one generation to the next.
Given that the products are designed to enhance role play, we have made sure that they look ultra-realistic, so children can recognise the products from everyday life.
MAMAMEMO is FSC®-certified
MAMAMEMO does not just think in the short term. We want to make a difference on behalf of the environment, so that future generations will not have to worry about the scarcity of natural resources. That is why all MAMAMEMO wooden toys are made of FSC®-certified wood. Thereby we help ensure responsible forestry, so that no more trees are felled than the forests themselves can reproduce.
By opting for byASTRUP toys, YOU too help to take care of the forests, and the people and animals that live in them. You can shop with a clear conscience.
At ASTRUP Group A/S, we have already implemented a number of different initiatives, with even more in the pipeline. We want to take the lead in sustainability as a toy manufacturer. For our children’s sake!