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Meet the doll with extra clothes from MAMAMEMO®.

The doll is free of toxic emollients and perfumes and can be used by children as young as 1 year old.
40 cm tall, and has beautiful blue eyes, no hair and ‘fixed eyes’, meaning they cannot be closed. The doll is a rag doll with vinyl head arms and legs and a soft filled fabric body. The doll comes with two lovely set of soft clothes.

This doll  perfect for all doll role-play games. The soft body makes it easy for toddlers to dress and undress the doll, while older children can use the doll for more advanced games such as mother/father and children.

Haven’t we all seen a child playing parent with their little doll, taking caring of it as if it were a real child? Children’s greatest source of inspiration for role play comes from the world of adults. Role playing with dolls is a highly rewarding activity for children. They develop their power of imagination, emotions, empathy, imagination and social skills.
At ASTRUP Group A/S, we have already implemented a number of different initiatives, with even more in the pipeline. We want to take the lead in sustainability as a toy manufacturer. For our children’s sake!